SPE-120ES (organic version) & SBb 2.5 (non-GMO version) Jabb of the Carolinas soil and plant enhancer features the active ingredient Beauveria bassiana, a natural symbiotic fungus that lives in the soil, roots, stems, and leaves. Once applied, the enhancer grows with the plant and uses these natural fungi to defend roots, stems, and leaves from pathogens and insects. While Beauveria bassiana naturally occurs in soil, it has been killed off by fungicides and tillage. The product is applied at planting with NO target disease or insect specified because it will be acquired by the plant and then grow in the plant as a symbiotic endophyte. Application is recommended as a seed treatment and should be applied under the seed, on top of the seed, or in the seed trench to ensure the plant roots will come in contact with the fungi. Benefits of Beauveria as a plant endophyte: Stimulates and increases the plant’s immune system Enhances microbial diversity Increases chlorophyll Restricts plant pathogens from entering the plant Interacts with plant to produce additive biochemicals Decreases insect feeding on crop

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